Spedizione Gratuita in Italia per acquisti di almeno 50 €
Spedizione Gratuita in Italia per acquisti di almeno 50 €

LMA  is an italian acronym and international synonym of high precision mechanical processing for the sector of Aeronautics and Aerospace.

In 2020, LMA celebrates 50 years of life, which is not only half a century of industrial activity.

LMA’s many years of experience is an algebraic sum of lives, passions, time and professionalism. LMA is the organic and compact whole of all the people who have given it life and breath.

LMA is a solid and solidary company structure, professional and performing, technologically advanced and constantly focused on innovation, fluidly engaged in research and development.

Thanks to the considerable technological investments made so far and the know-how acquired, today LMA is a leading player on the national and international market, both in the civil and military fields.

Development and research, production engineering, mechanical processing of the finest precision, procurement of materials and advanced stock management, heat treatments and assemblies: a universe of specific skills, constantly updated and trained, with very high internal and partnering professionalism.

LMA is all this. So much so that, even in a momentous moment like the one triggered by the pandemic emergency of the Covid-19, it has once again found itself ready, sensitive to the changes and urgencies of the times and society, the territory and the market.

Proactive with respect to the needs of industrial reconversion, and as always serious, competent, full green and best processing, LMA wanted to be useful in the global management of the current emergency and so, in record time as the situation itself requires, its R&D department has conceived and designed RESPIRA, a totally transparent, sterilizable or disinfectable protective mask, with the possibility of choosing between the two levels of protection equivalent to type II (“surgical mask”) or type FFP2.

Click here  to discover in detail all the technical features and peculiarities of RESPIRA. Otherwise, by clicking here, I can view all the specifications related to the protection filters.

LMA has been for 50 years for you.

Even now, which is already future.

We are in step with the times. And we like to always be one step ahead!